Inktober 2017 #6 – #10

“Not a true devil as the villagers reckon, or even a half fiend, but a mortal beast by mine deductions, and mine own witnessed sight of most ghastly intrigue.

In the woods of the Black Hills I was, upon learning of the recent child snatching.
Mine foray was short for I had no desire to over stay in these treacherous woods, but it did bear fruit.
I had strayed from the almost imperceptible, overgrown footpath when I saw it: under the cavernous hollow of an ageless, gnarled yew tree, there hunched the wretchedly haggard shape. The beast had not at first perceived my presence, for it was studying a form that appeared to be a swaddled babe.

Not only this, scrutinous reader, I do believe what mine eyes had seen, although the primordial growth of that dank forest did blot out the sun: the beast, she, had craddled the babe to her body to suckle from her engorged teat!”

Journal entry pending.

Journal entry pending.

Journal entry pending.

“A true natural beast or a concoction of the perverse, I have yet to discern proper.
Regardless, this being is equal parts frightening and exquisite, for it is no giant spider of the brutish type: it does not hunt nor does it sit idle in its web, rather, using its stilts, it plucks the unique silk with remarkable virtuosity to resonate forth a delicately sweet melody.
This mesmeric sound rings gently through caverns and woods, and neither unwitting Man nor curious beast can resist its allure.”



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