Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.

There was a popular photo of a 90’s era McDonalds ashtray on Reddit, and it brought back so many childhood memories, back in a time when hefty ashtrays adorned every table like glass roses, and florescent lighted rooms were foggy with those dry, earthy-sweet fumes.



So yeah, I’m now involved in Bartkira, volume 5. (What the hell is Bartkira?)
Finished pencilling the first page, doing some ink tests. Top panel is dip pen and middle panel is Pentel brush pen. Prefer brush, pen feels too anally retentive, a phrase one high school art teacher used to describe my drawings.

Life is Precious

It’s been busy year and this is one of the things that I’ve been busy with.

This is an animated short film a few colleagues and I worked on during May – July. It is to help bring awareness to a charity campaign ‘keep little hearts beating’, tackling the issue of millions of newborns dying in impoverished nations.

Please help support by donating or spreading the word.

Stay tuned for the background paintings in the next post.