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Environment design lesson 2: study works using 3 values.
This is a great exercise, really made me think through every stroke – no auto-pilot allowed!

I’m naturally drawn to images with simplistic compositions and value arrangements, these don’t make for challenging study material for this particular exercise, so I had to spend a couple of hours trawling for at least a few images that feature more complex value structure.

See if you can read these pictures without looking at the source.

Square 1

Started a subscription to Bobby Chiu’s Schoolism classes the other day, taking (the amazing) Nathan Fowkes’ environment design as it’s always been a sore spot for me.
Lesson 1: study a selection of enviro works within an hour each. Aim to capture the simplified essence of the image; focal point, edge control, value and hue relationships.

I definitely have a habit of going into auto-pilot when it comes to doing studies, so I think I’ve somewhat missed the point of simplifying and getting at the core of the images. The next lesson is using only 3 tones which should do me good.

Nathan’s actual taught class is full so the only thing I can do is a bit of self-critique afterward to try retain the knowledge.

First one was a tough warm up, deceptively simply image. Didn’t help that I thought it would be a good idea to use a single layer.